Monday, June 24, 2013


Like many runners, I run with music. Country on easy days, Pop on harder days. I'm usually listening to Pandora, an online streaming radio on my iPhone 5.

Since I don't have pockets when I run, I slip my iPhone into my armband, plug in my Sony earbuds and I'm good to go. I also use Nike+ on my iPhone to track my distance/time/pace. 

I know that lugging around my iPhone (even if it's < 4 oz.) isn't going to fly for 26.2 miles, so I've been researching other options. 

But everything seems to come up short. The Nike+ GPS watch is too big and bulky for my petite wrists (and doesn't stream music), the iPod Nano doesn't have GPS or wifi, and the iPod Touch doesn't really solve any of my problems. 

As I was complaining to Duane about this dilemma, I stopped for a moment to think. 

Am I really complaining about not being able to find ONE device that checks all of my running boxes when the REASON why I'm running is to supply CLEAN WATER (something I take for granted) to people who don't have access to it?

Thinking about the Pokot tribe and their real world problem really helped to put my first world problem into perspective. 

In training news...
I had a challenging "easy" 3-mile run today. 90*F with 53% humidity makes for some thick air. But I concentrated on breathing and pulled through! I've always said that if I look pretty after a workout, I didn't do it right. Looks like I did it right today! Check out my post-run photo for proof!


  1. It's a great photo, and you are certainly "glistening"!

    1. Hahaha! "Glistening"! My Grandpa always said that women don't sweat, they 'glisten'. Thanks for the reminder, Chris!


Thank you so much for your encouragement! Your support and prayers will help me to reach my goal of 26.2 miles!