Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today is Not That Day...

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We completed 18 miles on Saturday. Eighteen. It wasn't always pretty, but we pulled through. Unfortunately, I didn't have my BFF next to me this time. She's been ordered to rest until the doctor gets the results of a bone scan of her foot. He's afraid she might have a stress fracture.

Distance running puts a LOT of stress on your body, so it's not uncommon to get injured. That's why it's so important to 'check in' with yourself as you're running and while you're recovering to see if there are any new or persistent pains. Check in with yourself first and then get checked out by a doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Check in - check out.

This photo was taken about 16 miles into the run. I was running with Jenn (on the right) and the three runners on the left caught up with us at the last water station. It's kind of amazing how good we all look, isn't it?
I've been feeling some extra soreness in my knees and in the tops of my feet moving into my big toes. I'm keeping an eye on it for now - along with some ice - and will get it checked out if I feel it getting worse or not improving with rest days.

Left to right: Sarah, myself, Duane, Skylar, Stephanie at The CRIM 
Last week, Duane and I (along with Stephanie, Sarah and Skylar) completed The CRIM 10-mile race for our August 'Race of the Month'. It was a lot of fun! Stephanie and I held hands across the finish line and I got to 'adorn' her with her medal which was pretty special.

For September, we'll be running the Run Wild at the Detroit Zoo 5K on Sunday the fifteenth (the day after a TWENTY MILE training run). Crazy? Probably. We'll be running an E-A-S-Y 5K that day!!!

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