Saturday, August 17, 2013

Racking Up the Miles

Running a marathon was never on my Bucket List. It had never even crossed my mind. And when I signed up to run one on October 20th of this year, 26.2 miles seemed nearly impossible.

Not anymore.

Today I completed my longest run yet: 16 miles!
The run went well and we finished with a solid pace. I felt pretty good afterwards, but started getting sore as the day wore on.

That's where the ice bath comes in! Yep, tonight I submerged myself in a tub of cold water with two giant bags of ice poured in. It's not the most pleasant experience, but I learned last week, after our 15-mile run that it's totally worth it. My legs felt so much better after the ice bath. I found it to be more bearable by drinking hot chocolate while I was freezing/soaking. 

In training news...
I've discovered just how important it is to buy new running shoes when it's time. I have 331 miles on my thought I had a little more time). You wouldn't know it by looking at the tread on the bottom - it's all about the cushion INSIDE the sole of the shoe. Not only have my feet been more sore whole running, but my knees were starting to hurt, too - and that's not normal for me. Once I realized that my shoes were the culprit, I went to my local running shop and ordered the new Brooks Glycerin 11s and they came in today! Looking forward to running in them on Monday!
Nike Pegasus+ 29 running shoes and they are shot (I

We've got our August Race of the Month coming up next Saturday. We'll be running the CRIM 10-Miler which is the fourth-largest race of its kind. It's going to be so awesome running with the entire course 3-4 spectators deep!

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